Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mini sweepstakes businesses

The sweepstakes terminals that have been seen on the market can be placed into any business, due to their unique mobility, with little to no upkeep.  This has the ability to turn any bar into it's own sweepstakes business. Some forward thing sweepstakes companies have even been offering voucher programs for their cafes that allow the giving away of sweepstakes entries to the customer with other products offered, not just internet time. These can be huge moneymakers for distributors, and especially for businesses that place them in-store. They allow business owners to use sweepstakes to promote any product they want, and of course to promote internet time, vouchers for sweepstakes entries can be given away with food, drinks, or practically anything that the business sells. The customer can directly put money into the terminal to buy internet time on them as well. With the large touch screen and internet access capabilities it becomes a rare opportunity to easily provide the customer with sweepstakes promotions and internet time. The growing success of sweepstakes terminals suggest that any business that has a steady flow of customers, or needs more customers, could not go wrong with placing a sweepstakes terminal in their business.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sweepstakes businesses are very successful.

Sweepstakes businesses have been spreading like wildfire and that has caused some "moral policemen" to start playing firefighter. When A business model is written, the business owner does not plan to fail, he'll try his best to open a business that will last for as long as possible, sure there are some "flash in the pan" businessmen out there, but they end up moving around so much that they'll resemble a carnival. Brick and mortar businesses are planned and built to succeed, and they usually have a pretty good idea of the local laws. More and more often law enforcement and media has looked at the cover and judged that sweepstakes businesses aren't a book they want on their shelves, but haphazardly target these internet sweepstakes businesses like they are a casino. This is simply not the case. We know fully well what makes sweepstakes legal, and it doesn't seem like much of a grey area to us: A sweepstakes is legal. Period. If a business is running a LEGITIMATE sweepstakes,  then that is completely legal. But if the sweepstakes software they are using is not in fact a sweepstakes, then, It might be gambling. The question here is not if sweepstakes businesses are really illegal gambling centers, Its if the sweepstakes software they're using is actually a sweepstakes or not.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sweepstakes businesses is the common term applied to a business that is using sweepstakes to promote their business. Sweepstakes businesses are doing so well in certain areas because these businesses are small, and that means customer service is great. Many big businesses have been using sweepstakes for a very long time, and the problem with that is, well, they’re huge businesses. As consumers when they are giving away a truck or something then we realize that we are one of the millions of people hoping we will win a truck. We can aptly realize that this is so close to impossible that we aren’t particularly excited about the sweepstakes. Sweepstakes businesses are small and you win a lot of the time, not huge amounts usually but always something. The best part about a sweepstakes business is that you cannot lose, you can only win.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

sweepstakes business

Sweepstakes business

As the economy continues to suffer, businessmen are becoming successful using a new kind of business promotion. 

      Sweepstakes businesses are opening globally, and the people involved are making their lives into success stories, I believe we are all capable of maintaining a successful business. We all have skills, knowledge, and connections of our own that gives us an edge against our competition. The entrepreneur is always able to make money regardless of environment. A great way to influence your future for the better is to look into starting a sweepstakes business. Sweepstakes businesses are usually run by normal people that are no different from you or me, the main difference is that they committed fully putting their time and ideas on the line betting on their success. When creating sweepstakes businesses people just need to make informed decisions. With the single greatest resource that man will probably ever create, the internet, we can scour and search for guidance from those of us who have walked the path we are about to follow. Guidance from a proper sweepstakes software company matched with the knowledge from thorough research any of us can start a successful business, and be more well off than ever before. Think about it. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sweepstakes business

Every small community can support a few sweepstakes businesses. People are making lots of money in this new industry. People have been opening businesses using sweepstakes and they are making lots of money in an economy that can be described as anything but strong. This is a ray of hope for to-be businessmen everywhere. Sweepstakes businesses are doing so well that it has been under a bit of scrutiny. Profitable businesses are good businesses in my opinion. Now, let's go research!  

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sweepstakes Businesses.

Sweepstakes businesses have become a gray area business, many law enforcement officials look at these businesses and scratch their head for a second trying to see how to handle it. I understand the confusion. Sweepstakes games appear to be casino games while the customer reveals if their free credits include any prizes that the customer could redeem on location. With the purchase of Internet time at a sweepstakes business free entries into a sweepstakes are distributed to the customer. When the customer logs on to use their internet time they find a screen that will allow them to reveal their entries in a fun and entertaining way.